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God and Man in the Qur’an : Semantics of the Qur’anic Weltanschauung (Toshihiko IZUTSU)

God and Man in the Qur'an : Semantics of the Qur'anic (…)

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Toshihiko Izutsu fut professeur à l’Institut des études culturelles et linguistiques (Université de Keio à Tokyo), à l’Académie impériale de Philosophie iranienne (Téhéran) et de l’Université Mc Gill (Montréal).


This book coming from the pen of the first serious Japanese scholar on Islam, discovers the substantive structure of Qur’anic teaching in a fourfold relationship between God and Man : I. God is the Creator of Man; II. He communicates His Will to man through Revelation ; III. There subsists a Lord servant relationship between God and man ; IV. The concept of God as the God of goodness and mercy (for those who are thankful to Him) and the God of Wrath (for those who reject Him). Dr Izutsu’s description of the historical evolution of these concepts in pre-Islamic Arabia up to the appearance of Islam is quite rich and valuable. (quatrième de couverture; Edition Islamic Book Trust Kuala Lumpur)

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Book Review by Fazlur Rahman —

"This book, which constitutes volume V of the series Studies in the Humanities and Social Relations of Keio University is written by Professor Toshihiko Izutsu and has emerged out of his lectures at McGill University, Montreal in the spring of 1962 and 1963. Actually, I participated in a seminar given by Dr. Izutsu at McGill during the 1960-61 session where he had tried out some of the ideas contained in this book...Lire la suite

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