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From Jahiliya to Islam (5-10 juillet 2009)

From Jahiliya to Islam (5-10 juillet 2009)

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Eleventh International Conference


July 5-10, 2009

All lectures will take place at the Feldman Building on the Givat Ram Campus . Organizers: Yohanan Friedman, Ella Landau-Tasseron, Shaul Shaked


Programme "From Jâhiliyya to Islam"


Sunday, July 5

19:00 Reception at the IAS lobby
Greetings: Reuven Amitai (Director, Institute of Asian and
African Studies, The Hebrew University)

Monday, July 6

9:00-11:00 Chair: Robert Hoyland (University of St. Andrews)

Gerald Hawting (School of Oriental and African Studies,
Prophets and Angels: the Prophetology of the Qurʾānic
mushrikūn and its Historical Context

Uri Rubin (Tel Aviv University)
The Qur’ānic and Post-Qur’ānic Image of the Prophet
Muḥammad: A Comparative Study

11:30-13:00 Chair: Gerald Hawting

Adam Silverstein (University of Oxford)
Satan in the Qur’ān

Uriel I. Simonsohn (University of Leiden)
On the Question of ḥukm al-jāhiliyyah in Classical Islam

13:00-15:00 Lunch at Beit Belgia

15:00-16:30 Chair: Adam Silverstein

Abraham Hakim (Tel Aviv University)
Some Notes on the Manuscript of “The Epistle of the
Eloquent Clarification concerning the Refutation of Ibn
Qutayba” (Risālat Dhāt al-bayān fi al-radd ʿalā Ibn
Qutayba), by al-Qāḍī al-Nuʿmān b. Muḥammad (d. 363/974)

Camilla Adang (Tel Aviv University)
The Degrees of Excellence of the ṣaḥāba according to Ibn
Ḥazm’s al-Imāma wa ’l-mufāḍala

Tuesday, July 7

9:00-10:30 Chair: Christian Robin (Collège de France)

Michael Lecker (The Hebrew University)
Glimpses of Muhammad’s Medinan Period

Yaacov Lev (Bar-Ilan University)
Coptic Rebellions and the Islamization of Medieval Egypt
(8th-10th Centuries): Medieval and Modern Perceptions

11:00-13:00 Special session in honor of Etan Kohlberg
Chair: Yohanan Friedmann

Mohammad Ali Amir-Moezzi (École Pratique des
Hautes Études, Paris)
Greetings (in absentia)

Meir M. Bar-Asher (The Hebrew University)
Etan Kohlberg’s contribution to the study of the Qurʾān

Simon Hopkins (The Hebrew University)
Shīʿa, shīʿī, etc.

Ze’ev Maghen (Bar-Ilan University)
‘Little Red’: The Portrayal of ʿĀʾisha in al-Majlisī’s Biḥār

Etan Kohlberg: Response

13:00-15:00 Lunch at Beit Belgia

15:00-16:30 Chair: Meir M. Bar-Asher

Krisztina Szilagyi (Princeton University)
The Arabian Saint: Christian Hagiographical Motifs in
Muslim Narratives of Muḥammad’s Death

Yosef Witztum (Princeton University)
Ibn Isḥāq and Two Passages from the Pentateuch

Wednesday, July 8

9:00-10:30 Chair: Amikam Elad (The Hebrew University)

Christian Robin
Abraha et l’Arabie déserte

Wednesday, July 8

9:00-10:30 Chair: Amikam Elad (The Hebrew University)

Christian Robin
Abraha et l’Arabie déserte

Robert Hoyland
The Jews of the Ḥijāz in their Inscriptions

11:00-13:00 Chair: Yaacov Lev

Sara Sviri (The Hebrew University)
Dress-Code, Asceticism and Mysticism in Early Islam:
Reconsidering Terms, Definitions and Processes

Milka Levy-Rubin (The Hebrew University)
Modes of Subordination of Non-Muslims under Muslim
Rule: Their Provenance and Significance

Miklos Muranyi (University of Bonn)
Compensation between Muslims and Christians: The
Development of an Islamic Legal Question

13:00-15:00 Lunch at Beit Belgia

15:00-16:30 Chair: Rachel Milstein (The Hebrew University)

Myriam Rosen-Ayalon (The Hebrew University)
More about Khirbat al-Minya

Donald Whitcomb (University of Chicago)
Aqaba (Ayla): The Origins of the Mosque: Archaeological

19:30 Dinner at the Terasa Restaurant (invited guests only)

Thursday, July 9

9:30-11:00 Chair: Simon Hopkins

Andreas Kaplony (University of Zürich)
The Pronunciation of Arabic in the First Century AH: The
Evidence of Arabic and Greek Papyri Combined

Aryeh Levin (The Hebrew University)
A contribution to the history of modern Iraqi dialects

11:30-13:00 Chair: Myriam Rosen-Ayalon

Amikam Elad
Seven Domes with Seven miḥrābs: al-Aqṣā Mosque in the
Umayyad Period

Katia Cytryn-Silverman (The Hebrew University)
The Planning of the Congregational Mosque of Tiberias
and its Contribution to the Study of Early Islamic Mosques
in Bilād al-Shām

13:00-15:00 Lunch at Beit Belgia

15:00-16:30 Chair: Albert Arazi (The Hebrew University)

Joseph Sadan (Tel Aviv University)
Poetic and Prosodic Issues concerning Rhythm, Rhyme and Inimitability of the Qurʾān (iʿjāz al-Qurʾān) in an Inter-
Cultural Context

Ali Hussein (University of Haifa)
Some characteristics of the old Arab qaṣīda

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