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Zeit und Gott (Georges TAMER)

Zeit und Gott (Georges TAMER)

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TAMER (Georges), Hellenistische Zeitvorstellungen in der altarabischen Dichtung und im Koran, (Time and God. Hellenistic Concepts of Time in Old Arabic Poetry and the Koran), Berlin, De Gruyter, ("Studien zur Geschichte und Kultur des islamischen Orients / Beihefte zur Zeitschrift "Der Islam" ; 20"), 2008, XII+253 p. ISBN 978-3-11-020057-7


This work deals with concepts of time in pre-Islamic Arabic poetry and in the Koran, placing them in relation to Hellenistic conceptions of time in Late Antique poetry. The analysis shows that just as in the much earlier field of Greek poetry, so too in Old Arabic verse time is seen as an inescapable power. The Arabic concept for endless time, dahr, is revealed to be the Arabic equivalent of the Greek concept aión. In the Koran the power of time is denied completely and replaced by the absolute power of God, which is described with the help of Hellenistic conceptions of time. The research suggests the existence of an Arabic Hellenism, in the context of which Islam came into being.

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