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World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES) Barcelona, (19-24 juillet 2010)

World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES) Barcelona, (19-24 juillet (…)

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Presentation générale

Over 2000 researchers and experts on the Middle East, coming from a large number of universities, research centers and other organizations from all over the world, will gather in Barcelona in 2010 at the World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES). The European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and the Government of Catalonia will organize the WOCMES Barcelona 2010, after the two successful previous editions held in Mainz - Germany in 2002 and in Amman - Jordan in 2006.

Thèmes relatifs aux études coraniques : Islam in Past and Present

  • Qur’anic Temporality

· Institution: IREMAM, Université Aix-Marseille /FIIRD (France)
· Organizer: Anne-Sylvie Boisliveau / Emmanuelle Stefanidis

  • A new critical, linguistic and historical approach to the qur’an. Seeking universal and temporal precepts in European Islam

· Institution: University L’orientale, Naples (Italy)
· Organizer: Salah Rassmea

  • Averroism Revisited: Does Ibn Rushd’s interpretation of the Qur’an provide the basis for a modernist rereading of Islamic law?”

· Institution: Harvard University, USA
· Organizer: A David K Owen

  • Conserving the environment via spiritual realization: a study on on mountain in Al-Quran

· Institution: University Sains Malaysia
· Organizer: Noor Shakirah Mat Akhmir

  • Modern Turkish Qur’anic Exegesis: With Special reference to Fethullah Gulen

· Institution: Australian Catholic University, East Melbourne (Australia)
· Organizer: Ismail Albayrak

  • Returning to the Qur’’an: Gamal al-Banna, Textual Interpretation and the Question of Authority in Contemporary Islam

· Institution: St. Antony’s College, Oxford University ( United Kingdom)
· Organizer: Shadaab Rahemtulla

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