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The Qur’an in Context, Historical and Literary Investigations into the Quranic Milieu (edited by Angelika NEUWIRTH, Nicolai SINAI & Michael MARX)

The Qur'an in Context, Historical and Literary Investigations into the (…)

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NEUWIRTH (Angelika), SINAI (Nicolai), MARX (Michael) ed., The Qurʾan in Context, Historical and Literary Investigations into the Qurʾanic Milieu, Leiden, Brill, ("Texts and Studies on the Qurʾān, 6"), 2009, 740 p. ISBN 978 90 04 17688 1


Although recent scholarship has increasingly situated the Qur’an in the historical context of Late Antiquity, such a perspective is only rarely accompanied by the kind of microstructural literary analysis routinely applied to the Bible. The present volume seeks to redress this lack of contact between literary and historical studies. Contributions to the first part of the volume address various general aspects of the Qur’an’s political, economic, linguistic, and cultural context, while the second part contains a number of close readings of specific Qur’anic passages in the light of Judeo-Christian tradition and ancient Arabic poetry, as well as discussions of the Qur’an’s internal chronology and transmission history. Throughout, special emphasis is given to methodological questions.

This volume has emerged from the conference ’Historische Sondierungen und methodische Reflexionen zur Korangenese: Wege zur Rekonstruktion des vorkanonischen Koran’ January 2004, Berlin

Table des matières

Introduction 1 (26)
Nicolai Sinai
Angelika Neuwirth

Part One: The Qur’an’s Historical Context

The Martyrs of Najran and the End of the
Himyar: On the Political History of South
Arabia in the Early Sixth Century

Norbert Nebes

Arabia in Late Antiquity: An Outline of the
Cultural Situation in the Peninsula at the
Time of Muhammad

Barbara Finster

Mecca on the Caravan Routes in Pre-Islamic

Mikhail D. Bukharin

Early Islam in the Light of Christian and
Jewish Sources

Harold Suermann

The Evolving Representation of the Early
Islamic Empire and its Religion on Coin

Stefan Heidemann

Arabo-Aramaic and Arabiyya: From Ancient          Arabic to Early Standard Arabic, 200 CE-600    CE}          Ernst Axel Knauf   {Literacy in Pre-Islamic Arabia: An Analysis        of the Epigraphic Evidence}          Peter Stein  { Arabs and Arabic in the Age of the Prophet}          Jan Retso  {  Sources for the History of Pre-Islamic            Religion}          Tilman Seidensticker   {TheIbad of al-Hira: An Arab Christian
Community in Late Antique Iraq

Isabel Toral-Niehoff

An Early Christian Arabic Account of the
Creation of the World

Kirill Dmitriev

The Qur’an and the Prophet’s Poet: Two Poems
Agnes Imhof

Part Two: Contextualizing the Qur’an

The Qur’an as Process
Nicolai Sinai

Quantitative Text Analysis and Its
Application to the Qur’an: Some Preliminary

Nora K. Schmid

Al-Hawamim: Intertextuality and Coherence
in Meccan Surahs

Islam Dayeh

The House of Abraham and the House of
Amram: Genealogy, Patriarchal Authority,
and Exegetical Professionalism

Angelika Neuwirth

Glimpses of a Mariology in the Qur’an: From
Hagiography to Theology via
Religious-Political Debate

Michael Marx

The ``Seal of the Prophets’’: Towards an
Understanding of Muhammad’s Prophethood

Hartmut Bobzin
Reading the Qur’an as Homily: The Case of
Sarah’s Laughter

Gabriel Said Reynolds
The Qur’anic Commandment of Writing Down
Loan Agreements (Q 2:282)---Perspectives of
a Comparison with Rabbinical Law

Reimund Leicht

Islam in its Arabian Context
Francois de Blois

Lost in Philology? The Virgins of Paradise
and the Luxenberg Hypothesis

Stefan Wild

The Etymological Fallacy and Qur’anic
Studies: Muhammad, Paradise, and Late

Walid A. Saleh

The Relevance of Early Arabic Poetry for
Qur’anic Studies Including Observations on
Kull and on Q 22:27, 26:225, and 52:31

Thomas Bauer

Qur’anic Readings of the Psalms
Angelika Neuwirth

The Codification of the Qur’an: A Comment
on the Hypotheses of Burton and Wansbrough

Gregor Schoeler

The Second Masahif Project: A Step Towards
the Canonization of the Qur’anic Text

Omar Hamdan

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