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The Qur’an as Text (éd. Stefan WILD)

The Qur'an as Text (éd. Stefan WILD)

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WILD (Stefan), The Qur’an as Text, Leiden, Brill, ("Islamic Philosophy, Theology and Science, Texts and Studies, 27"), XII+298 p. ISBN 90 04 10344 9


Stefan Wild est Professeur au département des sciences islamiques de l’Institut für Orient- und Asienwissenschaften à l’Université de Bonn.


This book contains the updated papers of an international symposium “The Qur’an as Text” which was held at the University of Bonn in November 1993. This collection intends to break away from the 19th-century paradigm of “influences”, which seems largely exhausted but still dominates Qur’anic studies. Instead, this collection focuses on the literary, the intertextual and the receptional aspects of the Qur’anic text. A new approach to the holy book of Islam in the light of modern hermeneutics which is based on modern methods of literary history, text-linguistics, and aesthetics can open the door for a new and more adequate understanding of the Qur’an, its role for Islamic religion, and its unique place in the history of world religions today.

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