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The Qur’an: An Introduction (Abdullah SAEED)

The Qur'an: An Introduction (Abdullah SAEED)

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There is much more to the Qur’an than the selective quotations favoured by Islamic fundamentalists. This book provides a student-friendly guide to the many ways in which the Qur’an can be read.

Designed for both Muslims and Western non-Muslim students it examines the Qur’an in Western scholarship as well as giving an overview of the rich interpretive traditions from the time of the Prophet Muhammad to the present day.

This guide is a concise introduction to all aspects of the Qur’an: history, understanding and interpretation providing : coverage of both pre-modern and modern periods, plenty of examples to illustrate key points and aid student understanding, summaries, timelines and a glossary.

Table des matières


Part 1
1. The Qur’an in Context
2. The Prophet, Prophesy and Revelation
3. The Qur’an as a ‘Book’

Part 2
4. The Qur’an and other Scriptures
5. The Qur’an and Western Scholarship
6. Translations of the Qur’an

Part 3
7. The Qur’an and Traditions of the Prophet
8. Principles of Understanding the Qur’an
9. Early Interpretation of the Qur’an
10. Approaches to Interpretation Today

11. Epilogue
12. Bibliography

(Source : Routledge)