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The Cambridge Companion to Muhammad (ed. Jonathan E. BROCKOPP)

The Cambridge Companion to Muhammad (ed. Jonathan E. BROCKOPP)

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BROCKOPP Jonathan E. (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Muhammad, Cambridge, ("Cambridge Companions to Religion"), 2010, 344 p. ISBN 9780521713726


As the Messenger of God, Muhammad stands at the heart of the Islamic religion, revered by Muslims throughout the world. The Cambridge Companion to Muhammad comprises a collection of essays by some of the most accomplished scholars in the field exploring the life and legacy of the Prophet. The book is divided into three sections, the first charting his biography and the milieu into which he was born, the revelation of the Qur’ān, and his role within the early Muslim community. The second part assesses his legacy as a law-maker, philosopher, and politician and, finally, in the third part, chapters examine how Muhammad has been remembered across history in biography, prose, poetry, and, most recently, in film and fiction. Essays are written to engage and inform students, teachers, and readers coming to the subject for the first time. They will come away with a deeper appreciation of the breadth of the Islamic tradition, of the centrality of the role of the Prophet in that tradition, and, indeed, of what it means to be a Muslim today.

Table des matières

Introduction Jonathan E. Brockopp;

Part I. Muhammad in His World

1. The Arabian context of Muhammad’s life Walid Saleh;
2. Muhammad’s message in Mecca: warnings, signs, and miracles Uri Rubin; 3. Glimpses of Muhammad’s Medinan decade Michael Lecker;

Part II. Muhammad in History

4. The Prophet as law-giver and legal authority Joseph Lowry;
5. Personal piety Robert Gleave;
6. Muhammad as pole of existence Carl Ernst;
7. The Prophet Muhammad in ritual Marion Katz;
8. Muslim philosophers’ rationalist explanation of Muhammad’s prophecy Frank Griffel;
9. Where earth and heaven meet: remembering Muhammad as head of state Asma Afsaruddin;

Part III. Muhammad in Memory

10. Muhammad in sufi eyes: prophetic legitimacy in medieval Iran and Central Asia Shahzad Bashir;
11. European accounts of Muhammad’s life John V. Tolan;
12. Religious biography of the Prophet Muhammad in twenty-first-century Indonesia Anna M. Gade;
13. Images of Muhammad in literature, art and music Amir Hussain;
14. Epilogue: Muhammad in the future Abdulkader Tayob.

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