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Seeing Islam as Others Saw It: A Survey and Evaluation of Christian, Jewish and Zoroastrian Writings on Early Islam (Robert G. HOYLAND)

Seeing Islam as Others Saw It: A Survey and Evaluation of Christian, Jewish (…)

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Robert G. Hoyland (né en 1966) est professeur d’Histoire islamique à l’Université d’Oxford. Son champ de recherche couvre notamment la période de formation du Moyen-Orient islamique.

Table des matières


PART I The Historical and Literary Background
1. The Historical Background
Late Antiquity to Early Islam: Continuity
or Change?
Identity and Allegiance
2. The Nature of the Sources
Redactional Identity and Unavowed Authorship
Dialectic and Debate

PART IIA Incidental References to Islam
3. Greek Sources
A Christian Apologist of 634
John Moschus (d. 619 or 634)
Sophronius, Patriarch of Jerusalem (d. ca.
Pope Martin I (649-55)
Maximus the Confessor (d. 662)
Anti-Jewish Polemicists of the Seventh
The Miracles of S. Demetrius and S. George
Anastasius of Sinai (d. ca. 700)
Patriarch Germanus (715-30) and Iconoclasm
Cosmas of Jerusalem (wr. mid-eight c.) and Hymnography
Stephen the Sabaite (d. 794)
John the Eremopolite
A Greek-Coptic Papyrus
Berlin Papyrus no. 10677
Timothy the Stylite
4. West Syrian, Coptic and Armenian Sources
Fragment on the Arab Conquests
Thomas the Presbyter (wr. ca. 640)
Homily on the Child Saints of Babylon
Gabriel of Qartmin (d. 648)
Sebeos, Bishop of the Bagratunis (wr. 660s)
Benjamin I, Patriarch of Alexandria (626-65)
A Maronite Chronicler
George of Reshaina (d. ca. 680) Daniel, Bishop of Edessa (665-84) Athanasius of Balad, Patriarch of Antioch (683-87) Isaac of Rakoti, Patriarch of Alexandria (689-92) John, Bishop of Nikiu Theodotus of Amida (d. 698) Jacob of Edessa (d. 708) Zacharias, Bishop of Sakha (d. 720s) Simeon of the Olives (d. 734) Dubia A Coptic Papyrus Theophilus of Alexandria (ps.?) A Letter of Bishop Jonah 5. East Syrian Sources Isho'yahb III of Adiabene (d. 659) A Chronicler of Khuzistan (wr. ca. 660s) Rabban Hormizd (d. ca. 670) George I (661-81) and the Synod of 676 John bar Penkaye (wr. 687) Hnanisho the Exegete (d. 700)
John of Daylam (d. 738)
Isho’bokht, Metropolitan of Fars
The Abbots of the Convent of Sabrisho’
Isho’dnah of Basra (wr. ca. 850)
Thomas of Marga (wr. 860s)
6. Latin Sources
Fredegar, a Frankish Chronicler (wr. 650s)
Arculf (fl. 670s) and Early Islamic Jerusalem
Willibald (fl. 720s) and Other Pilgrims
Later Testimonia
Historia miscella
Morienus the Greek
7. Jewish, Persian and Chinese Sources
Jewish Sources
Persian Sources
Chinese Sources
T’ung tien
The Official T’ang History
Ts’e-fu yuan-kuei

PART IIB Deliberate References to Islam
8. Apocalypses and Visions
Syriac Texts
The Edessene Ps.-Methodius and John the
Copto-Arabic Texts
Samuel of Qalamun and Pisentius of Qift
Coptic Daniel, XIV Vision
The Apocalypse of Peter/Book of the Rolls
Greek Texts
Ps.-Methodius, Greek Translation
Greek Daniel, First Vision
The Vision of Enoch the Just
Stephen of Alexandria
The Andreas Salos Apocalypse
Hebrew Texts
The Secrets of Rabbi Simon ben Yohai
Pesiqta rabbati
The Chapters of Rabbi Eliezer
Jewish Apocalypse on the Umayyads
Signs of the Messiah
On That Day
A Judaeo-Byzantine Daniel
Persian Texts
Bahman yasht
Jamasp namag
A Pahlavi Ballad on the End of Times
The Prophecy of Rostam
A Judaeo-Persian Daniel
Muslim Arabic Texts
Signs of the Hour
Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr and the Mahdi Tiberius, Son of Justinian An Apocalyptic Chronicle 9. Martyrologies Greek Texts Sixty Martyrs of Gaza (d. 638) George the Black (d. 650s) A Christian Arab of Sinai (d. ca. 660) Peter of Capitolias (d. 715) Sixty Pilgrims in Jerusalem (d. 724) Elias of Damascus (d. 779) Romanus the Neomartyr (d. 780) Copto-Arabic Texts Menas the Monk Thomas, Bishop of Damascus Armenian Texts David of Dwin (d. ca. 703) Vahan (d. 737) Syriac Texts Dubia Michael the SabaiteAbd al-Masih al-Najrani al-Ghassani
A Muslim at Diospolis
10. Chronicles and Histories
Syriac Texts
Short Chronologies
Theophilus of Edessa and the Syriac
Common Source
The Zuqnin Chronicler
The Ehnesh Inscription
Dionysius of Tellmahre
The Chronicles of 819 and 846
Elias of Nisibis (d. 1049)
Latin Texts
The Byzantine-Arab Chronicle of 741 and
the Hispanic Chronicle of
Greek Texts
Theophanes the Confessor (d. 818)
Patriarch Nicephorus (d. 828)
A Short Chronology ad annum 818
Armenian Texts
Christian Arabic Texts
Agapius, Bishop of Manbij (wr. 940s)
Eutychius of Alexandria
The Chronicle of Siirt
The History of the Patriarchs
Jewish Texts
Samaritan Texts
Derivative Accounts
11. Apologies and Disputations
Syriac Texts
Patriarch John I and an Arab Commander
A Monk of Beth Hale and an Arab Notable
Timothy I (780-823)
Greek Texts
John of Damascus (wr. 730s)
The Correspondence of Leo III (717-41)
and Umar Christian Arabic Texts Fi tathlith Allah al-wahid Papyrus Schott Reinhard no. 438 Masa'il wa-ajwibaaqliya wa-ilahiya
Jewish Texts
The Ten Wise Jews
Targum Ps.-Jonathan
Persian Texts
Latin Texts
Istoria de Mahomet
Tultusceptru de libro domni Metobii
John the Stylite
Ms. Mingana 184

PART III Writing the History of Early Islam
12. Non-Muslim Conceptions of Islam
The Tool of God’s Wrath
Deliverance from the Wicked Kingdom
An Age of Adversity
The Fourth Beast
Abrahamic/Primitive Monotheism
The New Jews
A Worldly Religion
13. Using Non-Muslim Sources: an Empirical Approach
Islam in the First Century AH
Sacred Direction in Islam
The Conquest of Egypt
14. Using Non-Muslim Sources: an Argumentative Approach
What is the Source of the Observation?
What is the Character of the Observation?
What is the Subject of the Observation?
PART IV Excurses
A. The Canons and Resolutions of Jacob of Edessa
Questions of Addai
Canons of Jacob
Further Questions of Addai
Questions of Thomas
Questions of John
Questions of Abraham
B. The Byzantine-Arab Chronicle of 741 and
Its Eastern Source
C. An Outline of the Syriac Common Source
D. The Passion of David of Dwin
E. Georgian Historical Writing
F. Dated Arabic Writings, AH 1-135/622-752
Dated Writings before AH 72/691
Religious Declarations by Caliphs in Dated
Writings of AH 72-135/691-752
Bibliography I: Primary Sources
Bibliography II: Secondary Sources