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Second Meeting: Cambridge Qur’ān Seminar -CQS- (15 May 2015)

Second Meeting: Cambridge Qur'ān Seminar -CQS- (15 May 2015)

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The Second meeting of the Cambridge Qur’ān Seminar (CQS) will be held on the 15 May 2015 at Magdalene College, Cambridge.

The second CQS focuses on translating the Qur’ān into English. Three translators will discuss their work. There will be presentations on the Library of Arabic Literature, a Morisco Qur’ān and current work at the Mohammed VI Institute of Qur’ānic Readings and Studies in Rabat.The Seminar is being convened by James Montgomery (FAMES), Shady Hekmat Nasser (FAMES), Yasmin Faghihi (FAMES/UL) and Elizabeth Key Fowden (FAMES), in association with The Islamic Manuscripts Association
The event is free and open to all but priority will be given to academics and students in related fields because of limited space.

Anyone interested should contact for more information and to register.

Note: Thanks to Irfana Hussain (IQSA) for this information (Mehdi Azaiez)