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"Narratives of the Life of Muhammad, Redefining Sira Literature" by Gurdofarid Miskinzoda (June 2015)

"Narratives of the Life of Muhammad, Redefining Sira Literature" (…)

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Gurdofarid Miskinzoda est chercheur et coodinateur des études sur le Shiisme à l’Institut des études ismaéliennes de Londres (Institute for Ismaili Studies).


This book explores the changing attitude towards Sira literature in contemporary scholarship and examines significant aspects of its inner development. It represents a shift away from the prevalent view that the main value of Sira lies in its use as a historical source for the life of Muhammad and the early Muslim community.

Table des matières


Part I: Approaches to the Study of Sira

1. New Trends in the Understanding of Sira

2. Post-Wansbrough Scholarship on Sira and the Issues

Part II: The Genre of Sira and its Fundamental Characteristics

3. Problems of Describing Sira as a Genre

4. Concern with Chronology and Narrative

5. Varient Traditions within a Broadly Accepted Framework

6. Relating Events and Revelation

7. Citing Poetry

8. Literary Models of Story and History

9. Commentary.


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