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Muhammad and the Origins of Islam


Muhammad and the Origins of Islam

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PETERS (Francis E.), Muhammad and the origins of Islam, Albany, State University of New York Press, ("Near Eastern studies"), 1994, XIII+334 p. Biblio. Index. ISBN 0-7914-1875-8


An inquiry into the religious environment of the person Muslims hail as the "Envoy of God" and an attempt to trace his progress along the path from paganism to that distinctive form of monotheism called Islam.

(Source SUNY)


F.E. Peters est Professeur d’histoire et d’études moyen-orientales à l’Université de New York. Membre du Département du Moyen-Orient et des études islamiques (Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies), depuis sa création en 1967, il suivi sa formation à l’Université de Saint-Louis et de Princeton en lettres classiques, philosophie, et islamologie. Son enseignement s’oriente vers l’étude comparative du judaïsme, le christianisme et l’islam, et en particulier les vies et les oeuvres de Jésus et Mahomet ainsi que de l’Espagne musulmane. Il propose également et régulièrement des cours de lecture grecque du Nouveau Testament et des Pères de l’Église.

(Source : Université de New-York)

Table des matières


1. The Founding Fathers
Abraham and Ishmael in the Hijaz
Father Qusayy and the Quraysh
The Sons of Qusayy

2. The Colonial Era in Arabia
Arabian Clients and Tributaries
The Tribes of the South
The Abyssinians Invade

3. The Arabian Oikoumene
Hashim the Trader
Northern Neighbors
The Shahs and Arabia
The Commerce of Mecca

4. The Family and City of Muhammad
A Celebrated Grandfather
"The Men Who Have the Elephant"
The Security of the Quraysh
Buying and Selling in the Sacred Months
A Religious Sodality: The Hums
The Persian Occupation of the Kingdom of Himyar
The Birth of Muhammad ibn Abdullah

5. The Gods and the Shrine
The Gods and Worship at Mecca
The Pilgrimage Before Islam
The Worship of the One True God
Personal Devotions
Muhammad and Meccan Paganism

6. A Prophet at Mecca
Coming of Age in Mecca
The Prophetic Summons
A Heavenly Journey
The Earliest Sura?
Muhammad’s Public Preaching
The Warning
God on High
The Call to Prayer

7. The Migration to Medina
The Opposition of the Quraysh
The Deaths of Khadija and Abu Talib
An Invitation from a Distant Oasis
A Turn to Armed Resistance
The Hijra (622 A.D.)

8. The City of the Prophet
Jews and Arabs
Muhammad Settles In
The Medina Agreement

9. Fighting in God’s Cause
Violence in the Sacred Month
The Battle at the Badr Wells
From Badr to the Battle of the Trench
The Banu Qurayza
A New Tactic
The Northern Oases
The Umra Fulfilled A Daring Raid into Syria {{10. "The Truth Has Come and Falsehood Has Passed Away"}} The Fall of Mecca The Smashing of the Idols Hunayn, Ta’if, and theUmra
The Malingerers
The Establishment of an Islamic Umma, with Dues
The Hajj of Year 9: The Break with the Pagans
The Idolators Submit

11. The Pilgrimage of Farewell
An Islamic Pilgrimage
The Ban on the Pagans
The Calendar Reformed

12. Illness and Death

Appendix: The Quest of the Historical Muhammad

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