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Modern Muslim Koran interpretation, 1880-1960 (J.M.S. BALJON)

Modern Muslim Koran interpretation, 1880-1960 (J.M.S. BALJON)

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Ce livre est présenté par son auteur comme la poursuite du Die Richtungen der islamischen Koranauslegung de Goldziher. Il propose un panorama de l’exégèse islamique contemporaine. Il s’appuie notamment sur les publications d’ouvrages d’auteurs égyptiens et indiens. Pour ces derniers, il est a noté que J.M.S Baljon est un spécialiste de l’histoire de l’islam indien. (Mehdi AZAIEZ)

Extrait (Préface) p. VII

This study purposes to be a continuation of and a supplement to the last chapter ("Der islamische Modernismus und seine Koranauslegung") of I. Goldziher’s well known work on muslim Koran interpretation (Die Richtungen der islamischen Koranauslegung, Leiden, Brill, 1920).

The object pursued by the expositions given of Koranic exegesis is two-fold : on the one hand, they are intended to provide Western readers with unpublished information about an essential branch of Muslim scholarship (...)
On the other hand, it is hoped that this survey of all sorts of explanations and inferences may to some extent further Muslim Koran exegesis itself.

Table des matières


I. Introduction

II. Ways of Interpretation

III. Characteristic Features of the Koran

IV. Theological Issues
 The idea of God
 The Question of Freedom of the Will
 Reason and Revelation
 The Prophets
 The Pillars of Islam

V. Koran and Modern Time
 Scientific Aspects
 Pratical Issues
 Political Thought
 Social Life

VI. Conclusion

Index of Authors and Subjects
Index of Koranic passages

Koran and Modern Time 88
Conclusion 121
Index of Authors and Subjects 127

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Annemarie Schimmel
Reviewed work(s): Modern Muslim Koran Interpretation 1880-1960 by J. M. S. Baljon
Die Welt des Islams, New Series, Vol. 7, Issue 1/4 (1961), p. 189
(review consists of 1 page)
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