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Method and Theory in the Study of Islamic Origins (Herbert BERG)

Method and Theory in the Study of Islamic Origins (Herbert BERG)

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Herbert Berg est professeur au Département de philosophie et religion à l’Université de Caroline du Nord à Wilmington (USA). Il est également directeur de la "Graduate Studies Program libéral".


This volume deals with the methodological and theoretical issues of the study of Islamic origins. Each of the twelve articles examines a different aspect of Islamic origins: early Islamic history including the life of the Prophet, the Sunna and Hadīth, tafsīr and the Qur’ān, and the rise of Islamic law. Both sceptical (or revisionist) scholars and sanguine (or traditionalist) scholars examine and employ the various contemporary theories on the development of Islam in the first 3 centuries A.H. In so doing, they seek to exemplify the sources and methodologies used to support these theories and to discuss their relative merits.

Table des matières

A. History and Sirah

 Res Ipsa loquitur : History and Mimesis (John E. Wansbrough)
 Foundations for a new biography of Muhammad : the production and evaluation of the corpus of traditions according to Urwah b. al-Zubayr (Gregor Schoeler)
 King Ibn Ubayy and the Qussas (Michael Lecker)
 Reconstructing early Islam : Truth and consequences (Chase F. Robinson)

B. Sunnah and Hadith

 Qur’an and Sunnah : a case of cultural disjunction (John Burton)
 Confliting images of lawgivers : the caliph and the Prophet sunnat ’umar and sunnat Muhammad (Avraham Hakim)
 Eschatology, History and the Common link : a study in methodology (Andreas Görke)

C. Qur’an and Tafsir

 The question of the authenticity of muslim traditions reconsidered : a review article (Harald Motzki)
 Competing paradigms in the study of islamic study of islamic origins : Qur’an 15: 89-91 and the value of isnads (Herberg Berg)

D; Shari’ah and Fiqh

 The early history of islamic law (Christopher Melchert)
 A unique manuscript from Kairouan in the British Library : the Sama- Work of Ibn al Qasim al ’Utaqi and Issues of Methodology (Miklos Muranyi)

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