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Mary in the quran (A conference on the Book)

1-2 Nov 2023

Mary in the quran (A conference on the Book)

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This conference seeks to convene scholars who can discuss the major themes of the book, engaging with the chapters and in dialogue with them.

An entire Sura bears her name. She is the only woman whom the Our’ an mentions by name - more often than Muhammad or Jesus. To this day, the esteem in which Mary is held by Christians and Muslims is unbroken. But Mary has also always been the cause of estrangement between the two religions.
In an unprecedented research, Muna Tatari and Klaus von Stosch reconstruct the image of Mary in the Quran and bring the Catholic Church’s belief in Mary into conversation with the Qur’anic testimony.
An example of a successful and constructive Christian-Islamic dialogue.
This Online Conference is aiming at bringing together a number of junior and senior Muslim scholars to discuss and assess this work, from different perspectives.
The conference will be held on 1-2 November 2023 and at the end of this conference, there will be a publication at Brill which shows the engagement of Shite scholars and other international colleagues to this German Sunni-Catholic approach to Mary. Therefore, the lectures whose qualifications are confirmed will be included in the publication as a book chapter in a special issue of Brill Gemany’s book series "Contributions to Comparative Theology which is peer-reviewed and a well known international book series. It is aimed to be published in year 2024.

Call for Chapters