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Juynboll Conference | Islam @ 250 (3-5 December 2015)

Juynboll Conference | Islam @ 250 (3-5 December 2015)

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The conference will focus on the first three centuries of Islam and will touch subjects such as Qur’ānic studies, law, theology and political thought.

Keynote-speaker: Maribel Fierro.
Venues: Gravensteen and the Lipsius

Islam @ 250

This conference honours the memory of the well-known scholar Dr. G.H.A. Juynboll and focuses on the early classical period of Islam —the period with which most of Gautier Juynboll’s research was concerned. The conference addresses recent developments in a number of fields of Islamic learning in the first three centuries of Islam, namely Qur’ānic studies, including Tafsīr; Ḥadīth; law; historiography; political thought; theology and heresiography; asceticism and mysticism; adab, and grammatical thought. Around 20 papers will be presented during the conference. A general discussion on the state of Islam in its various dimensions, anno 250, will close the conference.

If you would like to attend the conference, please register yourself in advance by sending an email to

Venues and the programme
The conference will be held in several venues. On Thu 3 December in Gravensteen 0.11 and Fri 4 December in Gravensteen 1.11. On Sat 5 December in Lipsius room 148.

Confirmed Speakers:
Key-note speaker: Maribel Fierro. Other speakers: Sean Anthony, Monique Bernards, Camilla Adang, Teresa Bernheimer, Aisha Geissinger, Geert Jan van Gelder, Claude Gilliot, Asma Hilali, Christian Lange, Scott Lucas, John Nawas, Jelle Bruning, Ahmed El Shamsy, Anne-Sylvie Boisliveau, Saeko Yazaki, Jan Thiele, Houari Touati, Nurit Tsafrir and Peter Webb.

View online : Program online