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Islamic Law and Society (ILS)

Islamic Law and Society (ILS)

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Islamic Law and Society provides a forum for research in the field of classical and modern Islamic law, in Muslim and non-Muslim countries. Celebrating its sixth birthday in 2000, Islamic Law and Society has already established itself as an invaluable resource for the subject both in the private collections of scholars and practitioners as well as in the major research libraries of the world.
Islamic Law and Society encourages discussion on all branches of Islamic law, with a view to promoting an understanding of Islamic law, in both theory and practice, from its emergence until modern times and from juridical, historical and social-scientific perspectives.
Islamic Law and Society offers you an easy way to stay on top of your discipline.

Islamic Law and Society publishes theme issues once a year. The following theme issues have been published:
"Gender, Family, and the Courts in Muslim Societies" (1994)
"Marriage, Divorce and Succession in the Muslim Family" (1995)
"Ijtihād and Taqlid" (1996)
"Social and Economic Aspects of Muslim Waqf" (1997)
"The Islamic Inheritance System" (1998)
"The Legal History of Ottoman Egypt" (1999)
"Islamic Law in al-Andalus" (2000)

Equipe éditoriale

Baber Johansen (Harvard University, Cambridge, MA), Aharon Layish (The Hebrew University, Jerusalem), David S. Powers (Cornell University, Ithaca, NY) and Susan Spectorsky (Queens College, CUNY)

(Source : BRILL)

Sélection d’intitulés d’articles traitant du Coran (Vol. 1 à 16)

 Q 4:24 revisited, Witztum, Joseph, Islamic Law and Society, Volume 16, Number 1, 2009 , pp. 1-33(33)
 Alliance, asymetrie et difference des sexes. Un probleme d’exegese juridique: La prohibition de la belle-mere et de la belle-fille
, Benkheira, Mohammed Hocine, Islamic Law and Society, Volume 13, Number 2, 2006 , pp. 153-207(55)
 "Do Not Enter Houses Other Than Your Own": the Evolution of the Notion of a Private Domestic Sphere in Early Sunnī Islamic Thought, Alshech, Eli, Islamic Law and Society, Volume 11, Number 3, 2004 , pp. 291-332(42)
 The Qur’anic Law of Inheritance, Richard Kimber, Islamic Law and Society, Volume 5, Number 3, 1998 , pp. 291-325(35)

Autres articles

 The Status of Allies in Pre-Islamic and Early Islamic Arabian Society, Landau-Tasseron, Ella, Islamic Law and Society, Volume 13, Number 1, 2006 , pp. 6-32(27)
 An early response to shâfi’î: îsâ b. âbân on the prophetic repôrt (Khabar), Bedir, Murteza, Islamic Law and Society, Volume 9, Number 3, 2002 , pp. 285-311(27)