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Islamic Ethics

Islamic Ethics

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Course description

جميعا الناس أحيا فكأنما أحياها ومن
Qur’ân V, 32

What is Islamic Ethics? How to define it? What are its sources? What is its place and its own contribution in Classical and Modern Islamic thoughts? How contemporary ethical issues and challenges are considered by modern muslim thinkers today?
This course will be an introduction to the Islamic Ethics, its language concepts and its relation with legal reasoning. It is organised into three general sections: the first section will explore the ethical values present in pre-Islamic poetry and quranic texts; the second section will examine the development of ethical reflexions during classical Islam; the third section will introduce to some contemporary ethical debates (practical application of ethical argumentation). This last Unit will investigate some areas of ethical concern that span the globe (e.g. gender relations, economy, bioethics, war and peace).