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Images of Muhammad. The Evolution of Portrayals of the Prophet in Islam Across the Centuries (Tarif KHALIDI)

Images of Muhammad. The Evolution of Portrayals of the Prophet in Islam (…)

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Tarif Khalidi est né à Jérusalem en 1938. Diplômé des prestigieuses Universités d’Oxford et de Chicago, il enseigna à l’Université américaine de Beyrouth en tant que professeur au Département d’histoire de 1970 à 1996. En 1985, il accepta un contrat d’un an en tant que directeur de recherche associé au St Anthony’s College, Oxford. Entre 1991 et 1992, il a été chercheur étranger en visite à St John’s College, Cambridge.

En 1996, Tarif Khalidi quitte Beyrouth pour devenir professeur d’arabe à l’Université de Cambridge. Il a également été directeur de l’Observatoire pour le Moyen-Orient et les études islamiques et un membre de King’s College, Cambridge. Depuis 2002, Tarif Khalidi vit à Beyrouth et enseigne à l’Université américaine de Beyrouth.


The Prophet Muhammad has been revered for more than fifteen centuries. Today, one in five people throughout the world calls for daily praises and blessings upon him and holds him up as a model of virtue. In IMAGES OF MUHAMMAD, Tarif Khalidi examines the ways Muhammad has been depicted and revered from the immediate aftermath of his death to the present day. With scholarly authority, Khalidi explores how the “biography” of Muhammad has been constructed, reconstructed, and utilized in various Islamic cultures, and traces the influences that have shaped his image, including the profound effect of negative perceptions promulgated by the West. As he describes the great variety of Islamic beliefs and practices, Khalidi illuminates the values and ideas shared by the Sunni, Shia, and Sufi sects, as well as the differences among them, providing Western readers with a clear, objective perspective on the current conflicts within the Muslim world as well as their global repercussions.

Table des matières

Introduction Reflections on Muhammad and Biography

 I The Turning Point: Muhammad in the Qur’an
 II The Legislator: Muhammad in Hadith
 III The Master Narrative: Muhammad in the Sira
 IV The Teacher of Manners: Muhammad in Adab
 V The Light of the World: Muhammad in Shiite Biographies
 VI The Model Mystic: Muhammad in Sufi Literature
 VII The Prophet Canonized: Muhammad’s Sira in a New Canonical Age
 VIII The Universal Model: Muhammad in Later MedievaL Biography
 IX The Hero: Muhammad in Modern Biography
 X The Liberator: Muhammad in Contemporary Sira


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