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IQSA weekly online (Zoom) Seminars

IQSA weekly online (Zoom) Seminars

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Starting today, IQSA will sponsor weekly online (Zoom) Seminars to bring scholars and students of the Qur’an together at a time when many are in social isolation. These seminars are part of IQSA’s larger mission to advance “Cutting edge, intellectually rigorous, academic research on the Qurʾan” and to be “a bridge between different global communities of Qurʾanic scholarship.” Seminars are open to the public and all are welcome to join the meetings, although in this time we strongly encourage you to take a moment to join IQSA/renew your membership.

#IQSAZoom seminars, held at 11am EDT/New York time will involve both a lecture and time for open discussion. Seminars will be recorded and posted to IQSA’s youtube channel (here). We encourage all to continue the discussion on social media using the hashtag #IQSAZoom.

More talks to be uploaded soon!

To stay up to date and to register for the seminars (free but required).

Dr. Hythem Sidky : Codex Damascensis and the Evolution of the Syrian Reading Tradition.

Pr. Gabriel Said Reynolds Perish the Human! On Sinfulness and Satan in the Qur’an

Pr. Dr. Johanna Pink, The Qur’an in Javanese. Scripture, Teaching and Translation

Pr. Sarra Tlili, Ecology of Wonder: the Ecological Dimensions of Three Qur’an

Pr. Sean Anthony, The Surprising Christology of the Annunciation Scene in Q19...

Pr. Ahmad al-Jallad, Pre-Islamic Arabic inscriptions and Qur’anic orthographies

Pr. Robert Hoyland, ’Arabi and A’jami in the Qur’an: The Language of Revelation..

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