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IQSA Studies in the Qurʾan

IQSA Studies in the Qurʾan

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IQSA Studies in the Qur’an (ISIQ) publishes peer-reviewed scholarly monographs and edited collections devoted to all aspects of Qur’anic Studies. In keeping with IQSA’s inclusive and international remit, the series welcomes manuscripts in English and French from PhD holders at all stages of their careers, including scholars from the global south. ISIQ will also consider aids to the study of the Qurʾan and translations of significant modern studies from other languages, especially Arabic, Indonesian, Persian, Turkish and Urdu.

Edited by: Karen Bauer, Joseph Lowry and Shawkat Toorawa
ISSN: 2752-0501
e-ISSN 2752-051X

The Living Qur'ān

The Living Qur’ān

Hussain (Ali J.),The Living Qur’ān, Berlin, De Gruyter, ("IQSA Studies in the Qurʾan; 3"), 2023, 350 p. ISBN 978-3110794946 Author Ali J. Hussain received his PhD from the Department of Near (...)