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Die unter seinem Namen überlieferten Gedichtfragmente (Friedrich SCHULTESS)

Die unter seinem Namen überlieferten Gedichtfragmente (Friedrich SCHULTESS)

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Friedrich Schulthess (1868-1922) a été professeur de langues sémitiques à l’université de Königsberg, Strasbourg et Bâle. Il fut un spécialiste de poésie arabe classique et notamment antéislamique (particulièrement celle du légendaire Umayya ibn Abī al-Ṣalt mais aussi Ḥātim al-Ṭāʼī).

L’ouvrage rééditée

Umajja ibn Abi s Salt, Die unter seinem Namen Überlieferten Gedichtfragmente, Schulthess, Friedrich (trad.), Gorgias Press, ("Analecta Gorgiana ; 108"), 2010, ? p. ISBN 978-1-60724-034-1

Présentation (réedition de l’ouvrage en 2010)

In this collection of poetry of Umayya ibn Abi al-Salt, as well as poems published in his name, Schulthess does a great service in bringing together these legendary Arabic poems. Umayya ibn Abi al-Salt was a contemporary of Muhammad who did not accept Islam. His poems are infused with biblical images and references, and thus are of interest to scholars of Late Antiquity who are curious about how the Bible was viewed in this period. Printed here in the original Arabic, the poems are also translated in German and annotated. Schulthess also provides a knowledgeable introduction that includes a listing of the manuscript sources utilized in the reconstruction of the texts. A useful sampler of early Arabic poetry, this collection will appeal to a wide variety of readers on subjects throughout the ancient world.

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