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Defense (10 nov.) : Historiographical and normative conceptions of the images of Prophet Muḥammad. From the first manifestations in the sources to the 3rd/9th century

Adrien de Jarmy

Defense (10 nov.) : Historiographical and normative conceptions of the (…)

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The image of Muḥammad crystallizes many fantasies until today. A warrior prophet, legislator or miracle maker, these representations are only rarely distinguished from the historical character, of whom we know little. The aim of this work is thus to establish a method to allow us to date and locate the circulation of accounts associated with or attributed to Muḥammad in the Islamic tradition between the 7th and 9th centuries. in the Near East, and to situate these discourses in their respective historical contexts. This method is based on compiling accounts in a relational database and comparing them with the data provided by material sources and Christian texts. Through the study of the emergence the Prophet’s authority in the texts, we aim to open a window on the formative period of Islam, on the processes of standardization of the writing of
history and the birth of the sunna.

Keywords : Islam ; Middle Ages ; Muhammad ; Quran ; Sira ; Hadith ; Maghazi ; Historiography ; Norms ; Caliphate ; Umayyads ; Abbasids ; Near East ; Middle East ; Arabia ; Makka ; Madina ; Iraq : Kūfa ; Baṣra ; Bagdad ; Rayy ; Syria ; Damascus ; Ḥimṣ ; Jerusalem ; Egypt.

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