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Concepts and Ideas at the Dawn of Islam (Meïr J. KISTER)

Concepts and Ideas at the Dawn of Islam (Meïr J. KISTER)

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Meïr Jacob KISTER est professeur émérite à l’Université hébraïque de Jérusalem. Ses travaux s’intéressent notamment au prime islam.

Présentation de l’ouvrage

L’ouvrage est un recueil d’articles publiés entre 1986 à 1994

This book deals with the history of pre-Islamic Arab society and the emergence of Islam, as reflected in hadith, adab, historical, genealogical and exegetical literature. Among the themes discussed are the ethnic composition of the population of Mecca, the evolving relationship between the nascent state in Medina and Muslim religious ideas, as well as some aspects of early Muslim expansion. Other articles deal with Jahili tribal groups and their contribution to emerging Islam. An extensive article is devoted to Adam as a great herald and predecessor of Muhammad.

Table des matières

 On strangers and allies in Mecca;
 Khuza‘a; Kuda‘a;
 Land property and jihad: a discussion of some early traditions;
 Social and religious concepts of authority in Islam;
 ‘Do not assimilate yourselves...’: la tashabbahu;
 ‘...and he was born circumcised...’ some notes on circumcision in hadith;
 The locust’s wing: some notes on locusts in the hadith;
 Adam: a study of some legends in tafsir and hadith literature;

(Source : Ashgate)