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Christianity and Islam (Seminar)

Christianity and Islam (Seminar)

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In this seminar we will consider Islam’s encounter with Christianity, from the Islamic conquests of the 7th century to the internet age (and vice-versa) :

• The first section (Unit 1 & 2) of this seminar is historical. We will examine how various historical contexts have affected the Muslim understanding of Christians and Christianity (and vice-versa), from the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad to nowadays.

• The second section is systematic (Unit 3 & 4). How are Muslims/Christians today to respond to Christianity/Islam, in light of recent world events and recent Islamic exegesis/Church teaching? In addressing this question we will analyze primary theological sources that express a range of responses.

Students in this seminar will be introduced to the Qurʾān, to the life of Muhammad, to Church teaching on Christianity’s relationship with Islam, and to trends in the theology of religions.

(This course has been previously taught in the University of Notre Dame with Prof. Gabriel Said Reynolds)