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Christianity among the Arabs in pre-islamic times (J. Spencer TRIMINGHAM)

Christianity among the Arabs in pre-islamic times (J. Spencer (...)

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J. Spencer Trimingham’s research began in 1931 when he spent a year in Syria and Palestine studying Arabic. Thereafter he was continuously linked with the Arab world , pursuing especially studies in Islamic mysticism. From 1953 to 1964 he was a lecturer and then reader in Arabic and Islamic studies at the University of Glasgow. Next he taught Arab history at the American University of Beriut and at the Near East School of Theology in the same city. He has published a number of books on Arabic and Islamic studies, which include The Sufi Orders in Islam; A History of Islam in West Africa; Influence of Islam upon Africa and Lands, Peoples and Communications of the Middle East.


Before the rise of Islam, Arabia had a strong Christian population. This book tells the story of the first six centuries of Christian Arabia. Though there was never a distinctive Arab church, millions of Arabs professed their faith within the traditions of Syriac Christianity. Author and scholar J. Spencer Trimingham examines the spread of Christianity among the nomadic tribes of northern Arabia and central and southern Arabia. He weaves together a wide range of scholarship and sources to present an absorbing account of the history of the Arabs before the rise of Islam. An invaluable study for all those concerned with the history of Arabia and early Christianity.

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