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A Lexicon of al-Farrā’’s Terminology in his Qur’ān Commentary, With Full Definitions, English Summaries, and Extensive Citations (Naphtali KINBERG)

A Lexicon of al-Farrā''s Terminology in his Qur'ān (...)

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Naphtali Kinberg, Ph.D. (1977) in Near Eastern Studies, University of Michigan, was, until his untimely death in 1997, Senior Lecturer of Arabic at Tel Aviv. He published extensively on Arabic linguistics, including medieval Arabic and Hebrew grammarians.


Al-Farrā’’s philological commentary, Ma‘ānī l-Qur’ān, dating from the beginning of the 9th century, is a rich source for Qur’ān readings, Qur’ān codices, Qur’ān commentary, Arabic lexicography and grammar. This commentary is unique, being the only extant extensive work by a grammarian of the Kūfan school.
The Lexicon contains about 3,000 terms and compound terms of grammar, lexicography, commentary, hadith and other Islamic sciences. Each term is presented with an English definition, often followed by an English summary. After the English section, extensive quotations from the original text are adduced in Arabic. Thus, the reader is given easy access to the contexts in which the term occurs. (Brill)

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