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"J’ai complété une licence et une maîtrise en langue et littérature arabe à l’Université hébraïque de Jérusalem (...)"

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"Syriac Literature and the Qur’an: The Origins of Early Islamic Biblical Narratives."

How Does the Quran Rework Its Sources?:In the search for the sources of the Quran, Jewish texts have received far more attention than Christian ones, though both corpora have not been exhausted. Especially important and understudied are Syriac poetic traditions to which the Quran is particularly indebted, as I demonstrated in my dissertation. This is true even in the case of retellings of Biblical narratives which are often assumed to reflect rabbinic lore. A better understanding of the Quran’s sources affords new possibilities to assess the various ways in which it reshaped its materials. While focusing on one or two choice examples, I wish to offer an initial characterization of the types of changes introduced by the Quran. The discussion also aims to demonstrate that the study of earlier traditions can illuminate not only the meaning of the Quranic text but also its history, including such issues as the chronology of the suras and the relationship of intra-Quranic parallels. The discussion will end by raising some questions about the formation of the Quranic text.


Sélection Bibliographique

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