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The Institute of Asian and African Studies (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

The Institute of Asian and African Studies (Hebrew University of (...)

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Founded in 1926 as the Institute of Oriental Studies, the Institute of Asian and African Studies was one of the first units of the newly established Hebrew University. The founding generation of the Institute was composed mainly of German speaking scholars from Central Europe, among them such luminaries as S.D. Goitein, D.S. Baneth and L.A. Mayer. In the early years, emphasis at the Institute was placed on the study of classical Arabic and the medieval Islamic world. Over the decades, however, the realm of research and teaching was expanded both within the world of Islam and beyond. The teaching program grew to include other Middle Eastern languages, especially Persian and Turkish, and the history and cultures of those who spoke these tongues. In addition, modern Middle Eastern history became an important part of the curriculum. Gradually, whole new areas of study were established, encompassing the languages, cultures and history of East Asia, India, ancient Iran, Armenia and the Caucasus, and the continent of Africa. In light of this expanding scope, the name of the Institute was changed to the Institute of Asian and African Studies in the 1950s. The Institute is the center for the study of the languages, cultures and histories of the non-Western world and non-Jewish world at the Hebrew University. Its faculty and students have made it into one of the leading institutions for Asian and African studies in the world. (Lire la suite...)

Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

Studies in the department encompasses the history and civilization of the greater Middle East from the beginning of Islam up to the present day, concentrating on the Arab world, Turkey, Iran, and Central Asia, as well as those areas which had been under Muslim rule in the past, such as medieval Spain and the Balkans. The department is divided into four sections: 1) religion, law and philosophy; 2) art and material culture; 3) medieval history 4) modern history, including the Ottoman Empire.

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The Institute of Asian and African Studies
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(Source : The Institute of Asian and African Studies)