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The Department of Arabic and Islamic (Tel Aviv University)

The Department of Arabic and Islamic (Tel Aviv University)

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The Department of Arabic and Islamic studies offers B.A. students a theoretical and practical knowledge of both classical and modern literary Arabic and Islamic culture. These studies also aim to acquaint students with the various historical periods of Arabic and Islamic literatures. The student reads representative Arabic works of the main literary and religious genres in relation to the relevant historical-religious background.

Thèmes de recherche (une sélection)

 Pre-Islamic literary concepts. The linguistic background of the old Arab tribes and its description by later grammarians. Pre-Islamic poetry collected by Islamic generations whose tastes and concepts are reflected in the compilation. The conflict between "classical" and "new" ’Abbasid poetical approaches. The "nomadic" versus "sedentary" cultural and literary contrasts and harmonization.
 The Qur’an and its interpretation.
 Authenticity and attribution of Traditions (Hadith literature). Traditions reflecting historical events, various trends and concepts in the Islamic world. Biography (Sira) of the prophet - Muhammad; biographical dictionaries.

Equipe enseignante

Head of the Department: Dr. Camilla Adang

B.A. Adviser: Dr. Alisa Shnizer
Secretary of the Department: Ruthi Vygodski


Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv 69978, Israel

Tel: 972-3-640-9685, fax 972-3-640-5109,


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