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Angelika Neuwirth was educated in Classics and Oriental Studies at German and international universities (Italy, Iran and Israel). She has taught at the Universities of Munich, Amman, Bamberg, and Cairo, and has held the Chair of Arabic Studies at the Freie Universitat Berlin since 1991. From 1994 to 1999 she served as the director of the Orient-Institut der Deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft in Beirut and Istanbul. Her major fields of research are classical and modern Arabic literature and Arab Late Antiquity studies. In several recent publications, Professor Neuwirth has tried to vindicate the Qur’an as a Late Antique text, which—though deeply rooted in Arab culture—has contributed creatively to a number of major theological discourses. Professor Neuwirth has been acknowledged for her novel approach to interreligious studies by being bestowed several honorary doctorates, academy memberships and professional awards

Selected biography

 Der Koran, Band 2: Mittelmekkanische Suren: Ein neues Gottesvolk, Handkommentar mit Übersetzung von Angelika Neuwirth
 Der Koran, Handkommentar mit Übersetzung von Angelika Neuwirth, Band 1: Frühmekkanische Suren: Poetische Prophetie, 2011
 Der Koran als Text der Spätantike, ein europäischer zugang, 2010.
 Studien zur Komposition der mekkanischen Suren, De Gruyter, 1981.

Une bibliographie complète et constamment actualisée.

 Une interview d’Angelika Neuwirth : "The Koran – A Book in Many Languages"

 Conférence donnée à Princeton le 3 juin 2009 intitulée “The ‘Late Antique Qur’an’: Jewish-Christian Liturgy, Hellenic Rhetoric and Arabic Language”
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