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In memoriam Hichem DJAÏT (1935-2021)

In memoriam Hichem DJAÏT (1935-2021)

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Hichem Djaït (هشام جعيط) was born on 6 December 1935 in Tunis. He belongs to a family of the Tunisian upper middle class. After his secondary studies at the Collège Sadiki, he obtained his agrégation in history in 1962 in Paris. In 1981, he was awarded a doctorate in literature and humanities in Paris. He is a professor emeritus at the University of Tunis and a visiting professor at McGill University (Montreal), Berkeley (California), the Collège de France, etc. A specialist in Islamic history of the Middle Ages, he subsequently wrote numerous works published in Tunisia and France. As a member of several international commissions, he has led a reflection on the entry of the Arab-Muslim world into modernity.

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